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About Me

Hello, my name is Kate and I live in Melbourne. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading historial fiction. I also like Swing dancing, yoga and meditation sessions.

  • My history as an Educator

For about five years, I have been a secondary school teacher in Melbourne and Cambridge (UK). In 2010, I undertook a course in library studies. Later, during 2011, I enjoyed being a teacher librarian in a primary school. I am currently working as teacher librarian in a secondary school.

  • My Skills and Experience with Web 2.0 Tools

At a basic level. In the past, I have constructed a blog and dabbled in Twitter and Facebook. I am looking forward to developing my Web 2.0 skills and becoming an avid user of social media tools.

  • My Personal Learning Network

My current PLN is limited. I have signed up to several interesting blogs such as “Bright Ideas”.

  • My Goals

To create more time to engage in my networks. To continue to appreciate people who are enjoying their learnings and sharing them with others.

  • What I would Like to Achieve this Term:

To learn more about school libraries – resources and events that could be implemented to enrich the learning opportunities for school students.

  •  What I would Like to Achieve by the End of the Year:

To make regular blog posts

To implement suggested events and resources at my workplace to facilitate the flourishing of the school community in regards to library matters.