What are you loving today?

Communication Tools

As a professional I can see using Facebook, Twitter and Skype as a means to increasing my communication avenues (as well as students) for connecting with others and thus continually learning about developments to do with ICT.

These tools would be valuable in the classroom with students as well as for my own professional learning journey.

That’s it for now.

Twitter #VicPLN hashtag


About Me

Hello, my name is Kate and I live in Melbourne. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading historial fiction. I also like Swing dancing, yoga and meditation sessions.

  • My history as an Educator

For about five years, I have been a secondary school teacher in Melbourne and Cambridge (UK). In 2010, I undertook a course in library studies. Later, during 2011, I enjoyed being a teacher librarian in a primary school. I am currently working as teacher librarian in a secondary school.

  • My Skills and Experience with Web 2.0 Tools

At a basic level. In the past, I have constructed a blog and dabbled in Twitter and Facebook. I am looking forward to developing my Web 2.0 skills and becoming an avid user of social media tools.

  • My Personal Learning Network

My current PLN is limited. I have signed up to several interesting blogs such as “Bright Ideas”.

  • My Goals

To create more time to engage in my networks. To continue to appreciate people who are enjoying their learnings and sharing them with others.

  • What I would Like to Achieve this Term:

To learn more about school libraries – resources and events that could be implemented to enrich the learning opportunities for school students.

  •  What I would Like to Achieve by the End of the Year:

To make regular blog posts

To implement suggested events and resources at my workplace to facilitate the flourishing of the school community in regards to library matters.